Born in Natchez, Mississippi. I grew up in a typical southern environment, not unlike that depicted by the writings of Mark Twain.  I always felt I was different, and knew that Natchez was no place for someone with my charm, wit and personality.  By the age of 19, I was married with three children, working a full time job and attending the University of Southern Mississippi.  I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but had to put my dreams on hold.  Even with the pressures of a family at such a young age, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and have had a successful career in sales.


I moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1991.  In the mid 1990’s before the term “wigger” was ever coined, I was consumed by gangster rap, and related to the struggle of young black men trying to leave the ghetto.  After all, I was in the Mississippi white trash ghetto only ten years before.  Through my love of gangster rap I met Markey Grandberry, and offered my services as an unpaid manager for his rap career.  Later, he and his cousin started the company, “Mo Money Taxes” based in Memphis, and I became a featured character in all of their television commercials.


Fast forward another ten years and here I am, with the time, energy and desire to finally fulfill my dream of being in front of the camera or on stage, full time.